11.500 km from Cairo to Cape Town


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* population: 87,2 million (as of 2014)

* population density: 87 people/km2 (Austria 102/km2)

* capital: Cairo

* population density Cairo: 37.000 people/km2 – one of the largest cities by population

* largest country by population in the Near East

* places of interest: Pyramid of Cheops, Sphinx of Giza, Valley of the Kings

* bizarre: when a cat passed in ancient Egypt, all family members shaved their eyebrows because of grief

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* population: 38,3 million (as of 2009)

* population density: 20 people/km2 (Austria 102/km2)

* capital: Khartoum

* places of interest: pyramid fields at Begrawiya, Temple of Kawa, Red Sea

* Sudan has a greater number of pyramids than Egypt.

* record: most of the world’s camels live in this country

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* population: 96,6 million (as of 2014)

* population density: 88 people/km2 (Austria 102/km2)

* capital: Addis Ababa

* Ethiopia is the largest landlocked country

* hard fact: 99,4% of town population live in slums

* Ethiopia is the only county that consumes more coffee than its amount of export.

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* population: 45 million (as of 2014)

* population density: 78 people/km2 (Austria 102/km2)

* capital: Nairobi

* places of interest: Masai Mara (natural reserve in Serengeti Desert), Nairobi National Park, Lake Victoria

* bizarre: Some elephants in Kenya can imitate the sound of trucks.

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* population: 49,3 million (as of 2013)

* population density: 52 people/km2 (Austria 102/km2)

* capital: Dodoma

* places of interest: Serengeti Desert, Mount Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro

* hard fact: Tanzania is one of the poorest countries.

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* population: 14,5 million (as of 2013)

* population density: 19 people/km2 (Austria 102/km2)

* capital: Lusaka

* places of interest: Victoria Falls, Victoria Falls Bridge

* hard fact: Zambia is among the countries with the highest HIV infection rate (12,7%).

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* population: 2 million

* population density: 3 people/km2 (Austria 102/km2)

* capital: Gaborone

* places of interest: Okovangodelta, Chobe National Park, rock paintings in the area Tsodili

* Botswana is considered as the model country regarding democracy in Africa.

* There exists a tree called „Sausage Tree“ because of its fruits’ shape.

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South Africa

* population: 54 million

* population density: 42 people/km2 (Austria 102/km2)

* capital: executive: Pretoria, legislative: Cape Town, judiciary: Bloemfontein

* places of interest: Table Mountain, Kruger National Park, Garden Route

* People of all colors live in South Africa, that’s why it is also called the Rainbow Nation.

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