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Newly appointed two-time world record champion Michael Strasser was warm-heartedly welcomed by his family, support team and fans at the Vienna International Airport on Saturday, 19th March.
Vienna – Schwechat / Africa. It certainly is exciting when two-time world record champion Michael Strasser returns home to his family and friends, especially for his parents Ilse and Wilfried. “Finally he is back home. No need to wait any longer”, his parents proudly announced. Coming from Doha, Michael Strasser’s airplane landed on time at 1 pm on Saturday at Vienna International Airport. A group of his closest friends and fans welcomed him enthusiastically in the arrival hall. “I’m overwhelmed, so many people came to the airport to meet me in person. I already heard them cheering and applauding while waiting at the baggage claim! I do have the best fans ever”, he happily admits. Among them, there was also Michael Strasser’s support team that worked on a 24/7 call service during the race to guide him through the African landscapes if needed. During the preparation phase the team members also supported him by planning the route and getting organisational matters done. “It was a great pleasure and adventure to support Michael during the race – at any day and night time. Sometimes they didn’t know how to continue the race and we just tried to motivate them in order to get back on track.”, Mathias Herzle tells on behalf of the support team.
Michael Strasser’s closest companions during the race, Ingrid Kiselka and Christoph Wisser arrived in Vienna with one day delay due to an overbooked airplane.

No rest needed

Coming back home to Austria / Vienna does not signify a resting phase for Michael Strasser. Quite the contrary, he is already back on his bike to stay in shape, “I don’t want to back away from sports and my daily training routine. Apart from that, I certainly want to celebrate the success with my long-time training buddies.”

“Not realized yet”

Two weeks have passed since arriving at the Cape of Good Hope nearby Cape Town. Still today Michael Strasser is not sure about his achievement, “I haven’t realized it yet. For 35 days I was only cycling, eating and sleeping. My dream and me, we were trapped in the daily routine, hearing the clock ticking continuously. Now I am looking forward to some relaxed days in order to digest my experience of Cairo2Cape and the achievement of my seemingly impossible mission”. He is not only supposed to get used to his two world record titles but also to sign autographs. “That certainly is a new experience for me. I am happy if fans want to take a picture with me and talk about the race.”

Michael Strasser beats the world record by 3 days

On his 35th race day Michael Strasser arrived in Cape Town (Friday night, 4th March 2016) and smashed the current world record of 38 days for cycling from Cairo to Cape Town. For the continental crossing from Alexandria (Mediterranean Sea) to the Cape of Good Hope (Indian Ocean) in 36 days he also set a new world record mark.

Vienna / Lower Austria / Burgenland / Africa. It was Michael Strassers”s biggest target to win this race and bring the record home to Austria. After 35 days his exhausting mental and physical journey came to a happy ending. Compared to the former world record holders, a team of 5 cyclists, he conquered the full distance solo on his bike. Michael Strasser’s time measurement counts 34 days, 11 hours and 10 minutes for a distance of more than 10,665 kilometers, which gives him a 3 days lead. The racing time is not officially confirmed yet, but there is no doubt that the “Cairo2Cape” project was a tremendous success and Michael Strasser is a rock star on his bike.

Besides racing “Cairo2Cape” Michael Strasser also took on the challenge to cross the entire African continent. Starting his project at the Mediterranean city Alexandria and finishing the race at the Cape of Good Hope at the Indian Ocean was the target. On Saturday, 5th March 2016, he arrived at the southern most point of Africa after 36 days and proudly explained, “None of the prior cyclists has tried the continental crossing before. I am really happy I was able to finish this distance pretty fast.” It took him 10,940 kilometers to complete the Coast2Coast distance.

Tough last week

Although it was his initial plan to arrive in Cape Town / Cap of Good Hope on Saturday or Sunday, the world record was in danger. The stressful exertions from Botswana to South Africa during the last week, the constant pain on his buttock and the rest of his body demanded everything both physically and mentally. Michael Strasser honestly admits, “I certainly reached a limit.”

A dream came true

Michael Strasser”s dream came true by crushing the world record. “I always believed in this project and the chance to beat the world record during the one-year planning phase, but it was also kind of abstract. Only when we started the race in Egypt, I realized how difficult it would be to conquer this distance solo. On almost every single day I wanted to quit at least once.” Michael Strasser confesses.


Being 36 days on the bike Michael Strasser knows a lot of stories to tell about conquering 66,000 meters in altitude and more than 12 mountains. “Africa’s landscape is beautiful, but we also witnessed a lot of poverty. Quite often locals confused us with an aid organization and thought we would provide them with food and money.”, the sportsman explains. Apart form that, Michael Strasser and his two-team members Ingrid Kiselka and Christoph Wisser were fascinated by the wild animals living next to the road in conservation areas. The counting of 35 elephants per day was undoubtedly the highlight of their safari.
Besides the sports challenge, Michael Strasser’s organization “Racing4Charity” was also an important part of this project. More than 6,000 Euros were donated during his farewell party and the sale of track sections. “A big thank you to all my fans, who supported and sent me numerous messages to accompany me through Africa. Last but not least I would like to thank my sponsors and my crew at home!”, the two-time world record holder states.
Michael Strasser will be back home in Austria in two weeks. Get in touch with him to talk about his great achievements. Additional information will be provided within the next few days.

Only 2,100 kilometers left

Michael Strasser is crossing Botswana the 7th country on his racing journey through Africa. Within the next few days he will be rolling through South Africa.

Vienna / Lower Austria / Burgenland / Africa. Michael Strasser is more than a month on the road. On his 29th racing day he crossed the 8,800 kilometer mark at 9 pm (27th February). “I am quite happy about my riding and our progress so far. If we can keep on rolling around 300 kilometers per day, we will be able to catch the world record.” Michael Strasser announced. On Sunday 30th February he finished 9,000 kilometers. Still, the side effects of being on the bike for more than four weeks cannot be ignored. “It’s all about the lack of sleep and rest, never-changing menus, the constant pain on my bum and anywhere else in my body. It takes a lot to climb back on my bike every morning.”, Michael Strasser honestly reports. “It is still a fucking long way south.” 2,100 kilometers are left to reach the Cape of Good Hope and the clock keeps ticking.

Mission impossible is turning into mission possible

Michael Strasser is already a rock star on the bike. Taking into consideration that the current world record holders finished the race within 38 days being a team of five cyclists, it is impressive that Michael Strasser is fighting solo. Besides that the professional Carocap cycling team was perfectly equipped and continuously accompanied by an escort truck with a large supportive team. Moreover Michael Strasser’s challenge has a longer distance. The origin thought of his race is based on the plan to cross Africa from the very north (Alexandria) to the very south (Cape of Good Hope). Hence there are 400 kilometers on top on his race schedule. Michael Strasser is facing more kilometers and less time.

Rolling through national parks

In Botswana the Big Fives escorted Michael Strasser: elephants, water buffalos, lions, rhinos and leopards are happy residents of wildlife sanctuaries. The successful surviving strategy was inner and outer calmness and not let any animal feel the fear.

More than 6,000 km are finished

Michaelis Strasser has finished half of his world record bid to conquer Africa from Cairo to Cape Town within 38 days. He is now crossing Tanzania and is still on the run for the world record.

Vienna / Lower Austria / Burgenland / Africa.

“We have been following Michael half way through Africa now and watching him, we get the feeling that his will is still growing stronger from day to day.”, Ingrid Kiselka and Chris Wisser admit. Imagining that Michael is on his bike 300 – 400 kilometers per day for more than three weeks now, he already deserves highest respect. Certainly there are physical and mental side effects. “Pain is my constant companion. Still, I keep on rolling, because I know the current record holders increased the pace in the southern parts of Africa. ”, Michael Strasser states. He is not relying on the 2,5 days lead which he has already gained. After more than 6,000 kilometers he is now crossing his 5th country Tanzania.

Monsoon season in Tanzania

After a dry and sunny period of 19 days the weather changed completely. It was raining cats and dogs and the team had to take a detour of 150 km. The bad weather also revealed weaknesses of the escort car – it leaks! “Drying the wet clothes was impossible. We have had nicer mornings so far.” Michael Strasser explains.

Austrian landscapes in Africa

It has to be positively noted that in Kenya there were no dangerous situations or problems with the local officials. One is even reminded of the green Austrian countryside while crossing Africa. They passed the equator in the middle of Kenya heading towards Zambia. Zambia is also said to be a relatively safe place, which allows them to cycle the night through. All in the sake of finishing longer distances.

Physically and mentally on the edge

Michael Strasser has already finished 4,500 kilometers and is still on track to beat the world record. After getting through Ethiopia, he is now pedaling through Kenya.

Vienna / Lower Austria / Burgenland / Africa. Michal Strasser started his world record chase on 30th January this year and is still fighting more than 15 hours a day on his bike to proceed in time. After crossing Egypt and Sudan, he was confronted with steep mountain stages in Ethiopia, which is probably better known for its delicious good morning coffee beans. His earlier training in the Austrian Alps was paying off very well. 47 midday degrees are much different to the climate in middle Europe though. Until now Michael Strasser has covered 270 kilometers at 4,000 meters altitude on average per day – an extraordinary challenge, which makes it almost impossible to proceed at a high pace.

Still two days ahead of schedule

The progress of his project is quite impressive. Michael Strasser is still two days ahead of the current world record. “I keep on riding; the rest is being organized by my crew members Ingrid Kiselka and Christoph Wisser.”, he emphasizes.
Even with their support the race was in danger to be continued. As if cycling, high temperature and bad road conditions were not enough, they also had to start with malaria prophylaxis. Apparently Michael Strasser had troubles digesting this drug and suffered from a heat stroke. The entire team had to take a rest for half a day in order to recover. “We had to take care of Michael’s body balance and bloodstream to prevent long-term damage”, his doctor Ingrid reported deeply concerned.
It has been a big physical and mental challenge so far. Aside of the positive feedback and experience within the race, there are negative side effects as well. “Local people tend to think we are an aid organization and we constantly face demand for food and money along the road. Moreover, when my escort vehicle is not with me, children throw stones at me or try to hit me with sticks”, Michael Strasser reveals the security risk. Such situations are nerve-racking for the whole team. Being confronted with both poverty and aggression at the same time is rather exhausting.


The safety situation will be even more strained in Kenya. “We refilled our water and food supply in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Abeba to buy time while travelling through Kenya”, the caretakers mention. Apart from that they will stay in hotels in Kenya, their fourth country to cross, for security reasons. Due to poor security level and political instability sleeping in the car is not an option. Michael Strasser is now facing 1,800 meter on altitude per day to conquer Mount Kenya, Africa’s second highest mountain. 950 kilometers within three days are scheduled for the Kenya trip. Currently Michael Strasser has already finished 4,300 kilometers (or even more while reading this), which is more than a third of his world record chase. “I am highly motivated by hearing and feeling the number 4,300 kilometers. I hope I’ll be able keeping my level of power”, the challenger says.

2 days ahead of the current world record

Michael Strasser is riding his bike more than 18 hours each day fighting difficult road conditions, gusty winds and the heat of the African savannah.

Vienna / Lower Austria / Burgenland / Africa. Everybody knew the challenge to beat the world record would be strenuous. The race started more than a week ago and Michael Strasser courageously cycled through Egypt and Sudan. “The corrugations of the road surface make it almost impossible to proceed in speed. I have to slow down und accelerate repeatedly”, says Michael Strasser describing the circumstances during a short break in Sudan. Moreover, he is battling against a constant companion, strong headwinds. But his focus is on the target to finish faster than the current record holder (38 days). On the 7th race day he had already completed 2,367 kilometers (5th February, 8 pm) of his 11,500 km. In order to keep up with this pace and to withstand the huge physical struggle, he has to consume at least 15,000 calories per day. His daily menu consists of salted rice and ketchup, not a tidbit but a very efficient energy booster and easy to digest.

Being 2 days ahead of the current world record is definitely good news, taking into consideration that Michael Strasser on his solo bike tour is only being supported by an “old-school” escort vehicle and two brave team mates. “My support team is awesome! They take care of me 24/7. Lucky me!”, The challenge is not only accompanying him by car, making sure the path in front holds no surprising obstacles and at the same time being with him to support with nutrition. It is also about encouragement, massaging tired muscles, safety and commonly pursuing the one and only target.

Crossing the Aswan Dam by ferry

The initial plan was to swim through the Aswan Dam or at least use a canoe in order to get to the opposite shore by only using muscular strength. Despite negotiations with the local military, there was no possibility to stick to this plan. Safety first. Due to a massive crocodile and hippo population the military did not allow going into the water. This might have been frustrating news in first place but Michael Strasser is continuing his journey on a positive mind. The former world record chasers did also take the ferry. The game is still on!
At the moment Michael Strasser is heading towards Ethiopia. The border can only be crossed during the weekdays because the checkpoint is closed on weekends (Happy weekend, everybody!). Most likely Michael Strasser will use his mountain bike almost exclusively under this back country conditions. The mountainous surrounding will not accept the racing bike equipment.

Austrian meets Africans

Until now people have been welcoming Michael Strasser and his team in Egypt and Sudan with great astonishment and positive thoughts. “The local people appreciate having us there. Many times we hear them cheering from the roadside “Nemsa (Arabic for Austrians) people are good people.” That’s really awesome!”, Michael Strasser happily reports about the positive feedback on the road. In Austria the social media resonance is also supporting him with great pleasure. It is one of the daily routines for his team to read him the posts and comments when he is on the bike so he will keep his concentration up and at the same time receive motivation from his followers at home.

Live Tracking & Buy a track

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